24 February

"I Have a Dream" -- Welcome To Neumann Risk Services, LLC!

Welcome To Neumann Risk Services, LLC! A Global Food Safety Law Firm Where Law, Science and Food Converge. NRS, for short.

"I Have A Dream." In honor of Black History Month and in the infamous words of Martin Luther King’s speech, I connect with these powerful words as I follow my dream of launching my own business.

I realize there are risks. Hey—my whole career has centered around risk management so know I have spent countless nights running numbers, counting sheep, doing break-even analyses, and flipping coins. Trust me I know the statistics may be against small business success.

So why launch NRS?

Because I have a dream. I have a dream of bringing value. Many lawyers and consultants do, please do not take me the wrong way. However with my law degree and master’s degree in food safety I bring a unique value of providing legal and regulatory interpretation, ability to explain the implications while also offering practical implementation strategies around the law, food safety and food science. By placing the client first and delivering the best possible product, value will be on top of the deliverables.

I also have a dream of creating client relationships that are centered on identity and individualism. What does that mean? NRS will know and have a close relationship with every one of its clients. We will know your challenges, strengths AND your hobbies and special interests. Our clients are our partners and the more we know the more we can help. And if that means working with fewer clients to provide better service than that is exactly what we will do.

I have a dream of working with, and for, a purpose that is greater than myself or this company. Launching this firm allows the opportunity to give back to the food safety academic arena, industry and the greater community. I will be teaching at Michigan State University through its masters of Food Safety program as a way to give back, and NRS will be establishing a corporate social responsibility and giving program to assist small food processors who need help setting up food safety programs, and donating funds to developing countries with food security / scarcity challenges.

So what does the above dream build? A dream of a business built on a foundation of a "VIP" –Value, Identity, and Purpose. I believe that if every client is treated as a VIP, and if those are the three key drivers of NRS, it will succeed—as will just about any business.

And last but not least. I am doing this because of the most valuable lesson a very dear friend taught me. A friend who is no longer with us physically due to the evils of cancer but certainly is with the friends and family he touched and impacted so deeply while we were so lucky to have him in our lives. And he taught us this very simple yet impactful phrase—one that kicks me into a gear of faith every time I consider quitting or not even starting the race…Thanks Tom.

"You Can Always Do More Than You Think You Can."

Please check out the new website folks. A very special thanks to a very special "VIP" and friend Brian Pautsch for developing it with the 3 Step Solutions platform!


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