About NRS

  • NRS provides consulting services by assisting both FDA and USDA regulated food companies in identifying, evaluating and assessing food safety risks, regulatory, brand reputation and operational risks to ultimately achieve compliance and best-in-class food safety risk management programs in areas such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), supply chain risk management programs, environmental monitoring, USDA regulatory compliance, risk maturity modeling, food safety culture, and more.
  • NRS works with domestic and international food manufacturers, restaurant chains, vertically integrated grocery chains, foodservice providers and distributors to identify, assess and reduce food safety, brand and compliance risks to acceptable levels.
  • NRS provides advice to clients faced with potential or actual recalls or other regulatory actions, such as FDA 483’s, NOIE's, supplier and customer disputes, and other matters that require regulatory interpretation or guidance in a food-related crisis.
  • NRS develops programs with a strategic Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) approach to food safety. We can identify gaps and strengthen programs so you have the confidence your people, process and systems will work collaboratively to support the enterprise-level objectives in a time of crisis.
  • NRS provides recall / crisis management advice on a pre-incident basis and during times of actual crises to help clients understand regulatory requirements, reporting requirements and the find most effective and practical recall strategies based on the products, distribution channels, and public health risk.